flow rate ranges 1,4 - 19,3 lpm
spray angle ranges 20 - 60 degree
pressure ranges 0,2 - 10 bars
material ranges AISI 303 - AISI 316 - PVC - Nickel plated brass
connection ranges 1/4'' and 1/2''
industries served all industries
key benefits droplets <100 micron, flow controlled, low pressure
quick fit accessories yes
product availability more than 2.000 options
When very fine liquid droplets are required for an application, double fluid atomizers are the main nozzles to be chosen. The spray generates very fine droplets event at low liquid pressures.
The double fluid nozzles work under the principle of collision of two different fluids (they are water and compressed air in most cases). The pressurized air hits the liquid and creates a scissor effect to break the water into fine droplets. The collision can be performed just before or after the spray nozzle orifice.
The working principle can be divided into 3 categories as follows;
1.- compressed air + pump (pressure principle)
2.- compressed air + free fall water (gravity principle)
3.- compressed air + water suction (suction principle)
In case of gravity principle, the water tank is located at a higher level from the nozzle,
In case of suction principle, the water tank is located at a lower level from the nozzle.
The collision (or, mixing) of the two fluid can be held inside the spray nozzle, then it is called as Internal Mix atomizers, if the collision happens just after outside of the spray orifice, it is then called External Mix atomizers.
It is quite complicated to select the right principle and atomizer for the application, our experts will help to the customers to make the right decision.