The outstanding properties of the Magotteaux dipping tubes (called as immersion tubes) are;
  Safe and fast installation.
  Reliability during the whole lifetime.
  Best-suited length to optimize heat exchange and air de-dusting.
  Adapted thickness to ensure the longest lifetime.
  Commercial Name: Dipping tubes / Immersion tubes.
  Industries: Cement, mines, power stations, 
  Equipment: Cyclone pre-heaters, Fluidizing bed boilers, Calciners
  PrincipleThe segmented hanging independent parts are combined to form ring-tube shape.
Tech Specifications
Cast segment tubes
A Large variety of designs and alloys
Modular system
Key Benefits:
Installation is very easy and fast. The parts are light, segmented without bolts or welding, safe installation.
Operating reliability is high: The design is adapted to application requirements, reliable hooking of segments, safe to inspect during the shutdown, alloy and thickness adapted to the environment.
Optimized lifetime: The material selection is adapted to the working ambient, operating temperatures, and mechanical expectations.