The duty of the feed headliners is to protect mill entry head against impacts and wears so the liners must have longest possible durability and life. The selection of the correct alloy for these parts are determined according to;
Mill rotation speed
Mill diameter
Shell liner type
Grinding media and its filling degree
And, the raw meal properties to be ground.

Commercial name: Feed end liners

Industry: Cement, Mining, Power stations – coal grinding

To protect the flange, and design to avoid balls throw towards the shell liners

Tech Specifications:
The drilling must comply with the previously drilled ones and also the slope of the flange
From Mn (FMU87 and FMU90) to Hi Cr (FMU11 to FMU40) and martensitic steels (FMU28 and FMU29).
The alloy is directly related to the design of the casting, service conditions of the ball mill, and expected lifetime.

Key Benefits:
Longer lifetime
Design is adapted according to mill working conditions