Hollow Balls are used in E, EL, EM and other mills that can be called as vertical ball mills.
The hollow balls and its base rings can be manufactured standard alloys and different diameters.
Commercial Name : Hollow balls and rings
Industries : Cement and Power plants
Place of use : Vertical ball mills
Technical specifications:
The base ring is a single body, not segmented.
Material is mainly low chrome alloys
Low chrome steel hardness range is 30 to 55 HRc depending on alloy type, application and mill manufactuer
Outer diameters of the hollow balls are from 267 mm to 1.150 mm at the wall thickness of 60 to 150 mm
Base ring thickness vary according to mill manufacturer and maximum outer diameter is 3,5 – 4,0 mt
Key Benefits:
Reliable solution in case of high impact conditions
Lower investment