flow rate ranges @ 3 bar 5,5 - 4.120 lpm
spray angle ranges 60 - 180 degrees
pressure ranges 0,7 - 10 bars
material ranges metals and plastics
connection ranges 1/4'' - 4'' & flanges
industries served all industries
key benefits ultra clog free, longer life, larger contact area in gasses
quick fit accessories yes
product availability more than 2500 options

The spiral nozzles are also called as corkscrew, pigtail or helix nozzles in the industries. It offers very wide range of spray angles, flow rates, and material options. The biggest advantage is that these nozzles are extremely resistant against clogging due to its large free passes in the orifice design. The spray formation is quite similar to a spiral pattern where is mostly requested in gas washing applications i.e. scrubbers, dust suppression and gas treatment.