flow rate ranges @ 100 bar 12 - 134 lpm
spray angle ranges 26 - 30 - 40 degrees
pressure ranges 80 - 500 bars
material ranges TC - TC super life - AISI 420 hardened
connection ranges M8 - M16 - M 18 - Welding
industries served steel industry
key benefits ultra high impact, longer life, fast delivery
quick fit accessories no
product availability more than 850 options

The descaling nozzles are one of the important element in the hot rolling mills. They are mainly used in between the reheating furnace and 1st stand of the mill line in order to remove the scales from the milled material i.e. slabs, squares, sections etc. The descaling nozzles consist of several parts to match with the heavy duty conditions that's why the major components which are subject to wear and abrasion due to high-pressure water over 200 bars, are made of Titanium grades. The design of the inlet filter, inner surface geometry, and the orifice carry the nozzle performance to higher levels compared to conventional descaling nozzles.
The descaling nozzles serve with very high performance and EVERLOY brand is the best descaling nozzles with its OVAL orifice design in the world.


flow rate ranges @ 1,5 bar 2,9 - 32,5 lpm
spray angle ranges 30 - 60 - 90 degrees
material ranges AISI 303 - AISI 316 - Brass - PP - PVDF- PPGFR
connection ranges threaded, clamps, nut,
industries served surface treatment, washing, rinsing, humidification
key benefits economical, longer life, fast delivery
quick fit accessories yes
product availability more than 5.000 options

There are many different applications for spray nozzles in the steel industry starting from raw meal preparation and high furnaces till the stock areas for finish products. Almost all spray nozzles types are used, but there are some specially designed ones which are dedicated for steel production process. 
Some applications can be summarised as roll cooling, roll lubrication, controlled and automated roll cooling, air wiping, air knives, strip cooling, strip oiling, quenching, air-water cooling on slabs, blooms, billets and rounds, plasma arc furnace cooling, ladle cooling, strip drying, washing, degreasing, rinsing and many more