SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PROJECTS have to be under the responsibility of each individual as well as the companies. Under this idea, FTR started its Social Responsibility Project in 2008 and onwards by planting trees at the end of each calendar year.

Project purpose        : Helping to prepare a greener world for next generations, ensuring everyone benefits from the shadows and fruits of the trees, and to raise children's consciousness of tree planting.

Project locations      : Public-owned territories that everyone can benefit from.

Number of trees planted   : The number of invoices issued in a calendar year in FTR is the reference number for the number of trees to be planted. This is a minimum number and total planted trees can be more.

Projects Realized : 
2008 : A cash donation made to a related charity in 2008'de to plant the trees in the first months of 2009.

2009 : Hundreds of peanut pine trees have been planted in Sakarya in Akyazı Public Hospital belonging to Ministry of Health in 2010.

2010 : Hundreds of peanut walnut trees have been planted in Sakarya in Rüstemler Sport Complex belonging to Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2011.

2011 : Hundreds of walnut trees have been planted in 2012 in the following locations;
1.- the gardens of Presidential Social Services and Child Protection Institution in Arifiye in Sakarya 
2.- the gardens of  Yazılı village primary school in Sakarya.

2012 :  Hundreds of walnut trees have been planted in 2013 in the following locations;
1.- the territory of Bayrak Hill in Hendek district in Sakarya
2.- along the public boulevard in Hendek district in Sakarya

2013 : Hundreds of walnut trees have been planted in 2013 in Aşağı Kirazca neighbourhood (formerly Aşağı Kirazca village)  in Sakarya in 2014.

2014 :  Hundreds of walnut trees have been distributed to several headmen of the villages to be planted in Sakarya in 2015.

2015 : Hundreds of walnut saplings planted in the garden of Sakarya Necmi Uztürk Gymnasium with the participation of students and their parents in 2016. This project was called "MY TREE - BENIM FIDANIM". The date, project definition and the name of the children who planted the saplings were written on the plates which were hanged on each sapling.


400 pcs walnut trees/saplings have been planted in February 2017 in Sakarya at the following locations;
1.- the garden of Camili neighborhood Gymnasium: 10 pcs
2.- the surroundings of Akyazı Youth sports district directorate: 30 pcs
3.- the surroundings of Sapanca Youth sports district directorate: 20 pcs.
4.- the surroundings of Kaynarca Youth sports district directorate: 150 pcs
5.- the garden of Rüstemler Sports Complex: 20 pcs.
6.- several gardens of dormitories belonging to higher education student loans and dormitories institution: 170 pcs.