The parameters are accurately evaluated when defining the Roller Press sizing. When the raw material to be ground is not encountered previously or there is not enough data, then a grinding test work will help a lot to select the correct machinery for the industrial scale.
Testing is also important to see the degree of the wear on the rollers that the most suitable roller material is then easily defined.
The technical center is also equipped with several complementary products i.e. mixers, crushers, screens, ovens and laboratory tools so that the before and after results of grinding is simulated.
The process data is then used either individual units or complete briquetting, compaction and comminution plants.
High-Pressure Comminution
The use of high-pressure grinding machines in minerals processing plants requires special attention to:
evaluating ore performance, and assessing process and energy efficiency
defining best/worst-case scenarios
determining feed preparation
evaluating the treatment of HPGR products and the handling of process recycling materials.
In Germany, there is two test roller press available that the small one is used for defining the wear behavior on the rollers. The big one is an industrial scale unit that defines the comminution behavior of the material to be ground.
Köppern has several semi-industrial pilot plant facilities currently installed at; 
Freiberg in Germany (for all applications), 
Charlotte in the USA (for briquetting and compaction), 
the University of British Columbia in Canada and also at research institutions such as Ammtec in Australia and Institute TOMS in Russia, Irkutsk (for comminution).