flow rate ranges 0,02 - 2,15 lpm
spray angle ranges 25 - 40 degree
pressure ranges 0,5 - 3 bars
material ranges AISI 303 - Brass
connection ranges 1/8'' - 1/4''
industries served all industries
key benefits droplets <30 micron, flow controlled
quick fit accessories swivel joints
product availability more than 50 options

Ultrasonic atomizers are operating in a quite different manner in two steps;
The first step is to direct and inject the liquid towards to high-speed air where the first atomization of the liquid occurs. This two-phase mix proceeds into the field of sound waves that is generated by the resonator located in front of the orifice. The sound wave zone creates the second break-up of the two-phase mix and the results in the extreme fine droplets at the range of 30 mµ.
The independent control of each fluid enables the user to apply the spray according to necessities. The typical examples are to spray fragrance and precise humidification control.