spray angle ranges straigth, curtain
material ranges AISI 303, Aluminium, POM, aluminium+SS
connection ranges threaded, swivel joints, flexiable hoses
industries served air curtains, blow off
key benefits economical, longer life, fast delivery
quick fit accessories yes
product availability 50 different options

Air nozzles are typically used in the areas where an air curtain, blow-off, drying are mainly requested. The materials are plastics, nickel-plated aluminum, and stainless steel.
The hand type or comb type air nozzles have 16 orifices next to each other with approximately 1 mm orifice diameter, and these nozzles can be used with flexible hoses to guide the nozzle blow-off to certain areas. The air-bars are used to create air curtains with thin slots 300, 450, and 600 mm in lengths.