Keramax® ceramic grinding beads are used in the ultra fine grinding processes in order to mill the raw meal into finest possible particle sizes while it is long lasting compared to similar grinding media such as cast, steel balls or silica sands. The ceramic microstructure serves ultra resistance against wear without loosing its original shape.
Commercial name : Keramax®
Industry                 : Mining, others; Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC), Minerals, Pigments, Paints, Ceramics, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Abrasives
Place of use          : Strirred mills 
Tech Specs:
                    Diameters                      : 1,5 ≥ 3,5 mm as standard (please ask for other diameters)
                    Physical characteristics: d > 3.5g/cm³ – Hvl: hardness has no influence on wear resistance – KlC > 4.0 – Open porosity = 0
Key Benefits :
                       Small    : capable of breaking particles no bigger than a few 100µm
                       Tough   : capable of resisting high energy intensive mills
                       Dense  : Keramax®‘s density is > 3.7 whereas natural media is > 2.2
                       Hard     : its hardness is > 1300 Hv 1 allows it to withstand attrition by abrasive ores
                      Clean    : its 0 open porosity means that Keramax®is a non-contaminating grinding bead