ACCESSORIES - fixing elements, assembly-disassembly devices
The general properties of fixing elements and assembly devices are listed below.
The accessories for open gravity filters and filter nozzles on pipes are mentioned in other menus. 
Fixing nuts    : Fixing nuts for different nozzle stem dimensions
Anchor bolts (T series) :
TS series the self-fixing anchor bolts are used to fix the filter nozzles on the plates.  TS bolts are made of PP or PVDF. The fixation is done directly by turning the filter nozzle above the plate so that there is no need to manipulate to fix the nozzle underneath the plate as it is done for standard fixing nuts. The connection is rigid and not loosing as the goes by. 
TM series are the same as TS series but it is used for connecting the filter nozzles on the pipes. An additional PVC adaptor is used in between pipe anchor bolt.
Others          : gaskets, washers, assembly tools and devices, hand tools.
                       TS                                                   TM                                                         MP                                                   MT
                       N                                                    HR                                        OS - OR
                              CHTC                                                                CHTW                                      SOCKET
                             ADAPTOR                                                        CHDX                                                           CHMN