Mixing eductors are extremely ideal components for continuous agitating, blending and stirring of liquids or solutions in the tanks.  The Venturi design assures a high mixing efficiency that the liquid pumped from the supply line increases at the value of 5 times while passing through the eductor by sucking the present liquid from the side-openings.
Therefore total available flow circulation inside the tank reaches up to 5 times higher than the liquid pumped.
The mixing eductors are an efficient way to get the best performance from re-circulating process tanks and are cost-effective because they reduce the electrical costs, and it secures the homogenious mixing of the liquids in the tanks.
The typical places of use are electroplating, automotive, painting, chemical plants, cataphoretic process (electropaint tank) as well as enviromental industry.
flow rate ranges @ 3 bar 9,9 - 357 lpm
spray angle range -
pressure range 1 - 5 bars
material range 316L, PP-RF, PVDF
connection range 1/4'' - 2''
industries served paint, chemical, automotive, enviromental, cataphoresis
key benefits energy saving
quick fit accessories yes
product availability more than 200 options