flow rate ranges @ 3 bar 10 - 866 lpm
spray angle ranges 180 - 360 degree
pressure ranges 1- 250 bars
material ranges major SS grades
connection ranges 1/8'' - 1½'' & quick fit
industries served all industries
key benefits cleaning up to Ø70 meters tank diameters by a single nozzle
quick fit accessories yes
product availability more than 600 options

The self-rotating, drive-rotating or fixed type tank cleaning nozzles can wash the closed units starting from small bottles up to dia 70 meters tanks with a single tank cleaning nozzle. The spray angles are 180° and 270° spraying upwards or downwards as well as 360° to cover all internal surfaces. The 316L standard material provides safety for the application where the hygiene requirements are crucial like in food industry. The connection types vary with clip-on, threaded and special quick-lock that is designed to stop any bacteria growth.