Ecomax® grinding balls are low chrome content grinding media manufactured by special methods of quenching, tempering, pearlitisation in order to achieve the correct microstructure. Ecomax® is available in two versions as follows;
Ecomax Cast®
Ecomax Forged®
Commercial name : Ecomax Cast® for cast balls
                                 Ecomax Forged® for forged balls
Industry                 : Mining, coal grinding, other wet grinding processes
Place of use          : Ball mills 
Tech Specs:
                       Diameters                 : 26 ≥ 150 mm 
                       Surface hardness     : 55 – 65 HRc
                       Volumetric hardness : 54 – 65 HRc
                       Cr nominal %             : 0,15 ≥ 1,1
                       Packing                     : in big bags or in bulk
Key Benefits        : cost effective for the finished product
                               low initial investment
                               low-cost value
                               low chromium content when the chrome is a concern for the finished product