Xframe is a newest design self-controlling intermediate diaphragm for cement or raw meal grinding mills. The design idea arose;
          Providing easier manipulation
          Providing minimum wear and longer life at service
In order to achieve the design, all followings have been considered;
         Wear performance of the alloy
         Resilience to impacts
         Overall assembly
         Better improved air-flow
Commerical Name : Xframe.
Industries : Cement
Place of use : Ball mills
Key Benefits :
1.- Perfect screening and easier flow
The new design of the open frame, covering the slotted grates and central air passage screen enables:
-provides perfect screening
-the secure easy flow of the ground material from one to other compartments
-maintaining a sufficient self-controlled material in the inlet grinding compartment
2.- Optimal life 
The alloy for the slotted grate plates is chosen to serve maximum life and highest resilience against impacts.
Especially the raw mill and tough working conditions in the 1st compartment;
-The choice of alloy and its mechanical characteristics (hardness and resilience)
-The slot design and profile
-The design of the castings
3.- Simple structure, easy erection and maintenance 
Technical Specifications:
Chemical, metallurgical composition and structure;
Depending on the location of the use in the diaphragm, the slotted grate plates can either be cast in chromium irons and/or Cr steels.
Cement ball mills from diameters 3,8 to 5,2 mt.
Cost and process effective alternative to Opticontrol® intermediate diaphragms for cement grinding or raw mills