Duromax® grinding rods are special alloy offering utmost availability and performance in the rod mills.

Commercial name : Duromax® rods
Industry                  : Mining
Place of use           : Rod mills 
Tech Specs:
                     Diameters      : 40 ≥ 105 mm 
                     Lengths : 2500 ≥ 6500 mm 
                     FMS6 alloy : a hot rolled of high carbon and chromium alloyed steel
                     FMS6 alloy : approx 64 HRc surface hardness and it decreases slowly towards to center. 

Key Benefits         : long life due to improved hardness across the section of the rod
                                improved life due to homogenous wear behavior along the rod  
                                steady grinding efficiency in the mill because of equal wears on all rod surfaces.
                                FMS6 material is the best material to overcome the wears coming from both abrasion and impact