The grinding process in the ball mills requires a precise attention to measuring ‘’the fill level’’ for each chamber as precisely as possible. The measurement cannot be done directly and it has to be performed by acoustic or vibration methods. Unlike the old measuring method of using microphones which have quite disadvantages, the SmartFill™ is safe, free of errors and high precision measurement system for fill level and temperature.

The SmartFill™ can be applied in ball mills and industries such as;
Gold ore
Aluminium oxide

The precise data collection and adjustmentsi nto grinding process directly improve the outputs. In order to achieve the improvements, mill’s feed needs to be adjusted permanently, so that the fill level is kept at the optimum and grinding process becomes stable. 
As an example, an experienced operator takes care of fill level and manually changes the fresh feed. Using an automated controller provide advantages and convenience. Automatic control compensates disturbances such as strong differences in raw meal quality and prevents overfilling.
The automatic controller is reacting fast and precise on concurrent events nd taking the right decision at any time.

As a result; the grinding process becomes stable, achieving higher product homogeneity and ensuring better product quality.

SmartFill on a rotary mill in a cement plant; Fill-level measurement of KIMA Echtzeitsysteme from FTR MAKINA A.S. on Vimeo.