FTR Makina A.Ş. and Magotteaux S.A. has signed the official license agreement in 2015 to manufacture Ball Loading Machines under the license of Magotteaux.
What is it used for?
The ball loading machine enables to fill the grinding media into a tube mill in a very fast and safe way.
The reloading of the balls is generally required after a maintenance stoppage or a sorting of the balls.
The balls are ranging from 10 mm to 100 mm to load into a tube mill at the filling rate of 15 tph to 25 tph.
Why should it be used?
The first priority is the safety of the workers. The machine is operated by 1 worker and eliminates the risk of possible accidents. Secondly, the a/m filling rate makes the operation quite fast and it saves substantial amount of time and money due to the fact that the mill downtime will significantly be reduced compared to the manual filling.
Technical description 
The ball loading machine consist of following major components
a ball hopper
a special belt conveyor with adjustable slope
an adjustable discharge chute at the upper end of the conveyor
and, control unit.
The slope of the conveyor is adjusted by using two hydraulic actuators.
The discharge chute at the upper side can be adjusted in all directions i.e. up/down and right/left for easy positioning of the loader in respect to mill manhole entry.
The discharge chute outlet can be perfectly positioned at the mill manhole entry by conveyor slope adjustment and horizontal/vertical orientation of the discharge chute.
The balls are fed to the belt conveyor from an electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The feeder vibration intensity can be adjusted in order to control the ball flowrate.
Technical data
Ball loading capacity
15 tph to 25 tph for a diameter from 10 to 100 mm 
Electrical requirements
Main power supply to be provided by customer: 380 – 420 VAC, 50Hz
For other voltage supply, an intermediate transformer shall be installed, additional costs will apply.
In case of 60 Hz, please ask for delivery time.
Mechanical specifications
Two version of the ball loading machine is available as max lifting height of 6.500 mm & 8.500 mm.
Overall dimensions are 10.990 mm x 1.695 mm x 2.716 mm or 12.205 mm x 1.695 mm x 3.216 mm. 
Belt width is 600 mm.
Two hydraulic jacks are equipped.
Four independent wheels for precise positioning.
Belt speed is 0,8 m/s
Weight is approx. 5.700 kg for H=6.500 mm and 6.500 kg for H=8.500 mm (without feeding hopper).

Details of the feeding hopper
A removable ball hopper with an aperture of 2.500 x 2.200 mm.
The capacity of the hopper is about 10 t of grinding media.
An electromagnetic vibrating feeder (continuous adjustment possible) ensuring steady discharge to the hopper (no blocking of balls) and a stable and constant feed rate of the ball loader. The end of this feeder is equipped with a screen to block cement or any other unwanted particles up to 13 mm. This material is ejected through a chute to a container below. 
Weight is 1.960 kg.