materials major metals and most of the plastics
threads male, female, all thread sizes
connections quick fit, spring lock, cam locks, nut
nipples welding, raidus, straight, dove tail
strainers Y type, in-line, in-nozzle
clamps single or double spring, cam lever, bolt
gaskets and seals all types
others -1 pipe supports, blind nuts, eductors, fittings
others -2 spray guns & lances, hose reels, pressure tanks
product availability more than 12.000 options

The complementary products and accessories consist of spray nozzle connection option, in-line or inbuilt filters, eductors for liquid agitation in the storage tanks, sealing parts, pipe vibration blockers, high or low-pressure water guns, hose reels, high-pressure hoses, nipples, ball joints, nuts, twist lock connections and similar ones.