Cement industry (primary, secondary and clinker crushers).
  Utilities (coal crushers).
  Waste (domestic waste crushers).
  Recycling industry (white goods crushers).
  Tech Specifications:
  Xcc® is a Metal Matrix Composite wear solution consisting of high hardness inserts
  integrated into the castings’ working surface.
  Xcc® optimally provides a hard working surface with good mechanical properties.
Better Performance:
The flexibility is given by the possibility of locating the hard inserts in the high wear section (the inserts are located according to customization)
Combining excellent wear resistance (high hardness inserts) with very good mechanical properties of the base metal.
The inserts can be fit in one or both side of the crusher impact surface. 
Key Benefits:
Maintenance cost is reduced due to less intervention and fewer preparation works by the result of a longer lifetime. 
Better predictability allowing to plan maintenance stoppages.
Increase in production due to keeping the original hammer surface profile longer. 
Power saving and increased production on the Ball Mills and improvement of the cement quality since a finer and more consistent clinker is fed to the mills.
Improved safety because of less handling.
Costs savings.
Insensitivity to the red river in clinker crushers.