The vertical shaft impactor MAG’Impact® is mainly used in markets such as concrete, asphalt,
  ballast, recycling…. There are 3 models available to be used in some special secondary
  applications but especially tertiary and quaternary applications in gravel pits and quarry rocks.
  Its remarkable flexibility and high capacity is the key point to cover most of the requirements.
  Commercial Name: MAG’Impact®.
  Industri̇es: Quarries, gravel pits, recycling, slag. 
Each impeller accelerates a part of the particles and drives them toward anvils installed on the peripheral ring.
Impellers are high wear resistant parts which provide the aggregates with the requested
kinetic energy to break as they hit the anvil surfaces.
Different shapes of anvils are available depending on the necessity of the processes and materials. Their geometry is designed to create optimum and even the maximum impact performance. The crushing ratio is mostly dependent on the speed of the table.
Tech Specifications:
Three different capacity design are available depending on the size of the feed material and working capacity.
Impellers and anvils are available in different alloys, especially Xwin® - metal matrix composite alloy material.
Specific designs of impellers and anvils are developed to optimize performances of the MAG’Impact.
Key Benefits:
Highest flakiness/shape index of aggregates produced.
The crushing ratio is easily adjustable as per rotation speed modification (the machine can be quickly tuned to comply with the process requirements).
Easy Maintenance.
Constant output quality (size & shape).
Simplification of the flow-sheet of the plant.
High capacity (up to 500 tph).
Possibility to re-crush unsold small materials (2-6 mm; 4-8 mm,…) and single fraction round materials (16-32mm,…).