Considering the disadvantages of the conventional High Pressure Roller Press Rolls, Köppern has pioneered the development of a new generation material against wear for the objective of achieving a commercially and technically attractive combination of;
**long service life
**continuous availability
**stable output over its service life
**lowest operating costs
Since its first industrial use in 1996, the HEXADUR® Rolls has reached its maturity as an optimal solution against roll surface wear.

The major advantages can be summarized as follows;
**small and evenly distributed surface abrasion parts assure a consistent flake production and reduce the maintenance cost to a minimum level
**constant grinding performance and realibity due to autogenous wear through the roll surface
**the p ropagation of the cracks initiated by hard-facing is completely avoided
** no welding or hard-facing are required until the end of the roll life
The roll consists of two parts as roll core and the sleeve in which HEXADUR® technology is applied. The ultimate production technology of HEXADUR® Rolls is the combination of high-strength core ring and tiles which are made of powder-metallurgical tool steel or metal matrix composites (MMC) with strong wear resistance. The crucial point is to combine and embed these two materials by a diffusion-bonded method under the pressure of >1000 bars and >1000º C. That makes the material rigid as a unique body and serves extreme wear protection during its service life.
HEXADUR® Rolls can be utilized for various machine sizes of different HPGR suppliers.